About Business Blasters

Delhi Government initiated ‘Business Blasters’ in September 2021, an audacious project specifically for approximately 450,000 students of Grades 11 & 12, wherein each participating student gets seed funding of ₹2000 (about $25) for a business idea that they have to implement with the objective of either earning profit or creating social impact.

In the Business Blasters program, students work in teams, brainstorm, identify business opportunities, prepare business plans, and implement their business ideas in the real world. The program has been running for 2 years, and has multiple rounds of competition, with the top 100 teams in Delhi getting an opportunity to showcase and present their projects to investors from all over the country in the Business Blasters Investment Summit and Expo.

Business Blasters is a bold attempt to change the very core of our education system. Our theory of change is that sustained exposure to a program like this which is specially designed to achieve an entrepreneurial mindset will lead to more entrepreneurs emerging from our schools and colleges. It is important to note though that the program is critical not only from the point of producing more entrepreneurs, but is also the biggest opportunity for tapping into children's entrepreneurial mindsets, which will help students irrespective of the careers they chose. We are aware that in today's world, skills have a very short shelf life, so while learning some foundational skills is essential, education must focus primarily on building mindsets which will enable our students to learn new skills throughout their lives and succeed in a world that is rapidly changing. Business Blasters is a major step towards that paradigm shift in how students will think about their careers.