About Business Blasters

Business Blasters is a student entrepreneurship program powered by ₹60 Crores in seed capital provided by the Delhi Government. 3 lakh students of grades 11 & 12 of Delhi Government schools were given ₹2,000 each. They formed 51,000 teams and pooled their money for each team to have up to ₹20,000 of seed capital. Each team conceived and implemented a business idea using the seed capital. Of these 51,000 business ideas, zonal panels selected 1,000 viable business ideas. These 1,000 teams were provided business coaches from the entrepreneur community to take their businesses to the next level. Of these, panels of investors and entrepreneurs hand-picked top 100+ investment-worthy businesses that are well on their way towards building profitable, scalable, and sustainable businesses. You can get a glimpse of a few such businesses in videos below.

The Business Blasters program is the practical component of the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) of the Delhi Government. It empowers students to take charge of their career paths. It is a multi-component intervention focused on experiential learning that includes field projects, interviews, classroom activities and live interaction with entrepreneurs. Students learn to dream big, take risk, identify opportunities, handle execution challenges, bounce back from failures, analyze & learn, and relentlessly persevere. Also included are foundational abilities such as confident communication, critical thinking, decision making, collaboration, and much more. EMC is India’s largest ever mission to nurture grassroots level entrepreneurship.