Moving Beyond Books – Real Life Skills Come From Real Experience

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. - Confucius

As part of their curriculum, Sujay, Khushi, Siriya, Yash, Vidisha - class 12 students of School of Excellence, Khichiripur had learnt about concepts such as profit and loss and sound amplification. However, it was only when they brought their learnings to fore while setting up their entrepreneurial venture that all these concepts truly came to life. As part of Business Blasters, this team launched an endeavour called ‘Speakersters,’ where they created and successfully marketed a high-quality, budget friendly bluetooth speaker. 

They first identified a need – the fact that they found it difficult to understand their teachers during online classes, since the speakers on most of their phones weren’t loud enough and using earphones all day was uncomfortable. From there, they did online research, sought out wholesale component suppliers, and designed their own product – a square shaped Bluetooth speaker enclosed in a wooden box, which comes at an affordable price of Rs.299 with a 3-month warranty. They have already sold 15 pieces and are well on their journey to realise their dreams of scaling. When they presented their work to Sairee Chahal and Abhiraj Singh Bhal who are coaches for Business Blasters, they walked away with a commitment from the judges to invest a total of Rs.80,000 in their venture in addition to mentoring support. 

Team Speakersters bears testimony to the fact that while formal education is essential, not all learning happens in the classroom. Given that the learning experience in the Indian school system is often marred by rote learning in the quest for better marks, driving home the importance of learning by doing is invaluable.The  Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) scheme enables by instilling entrepreneurship, building a progressive mindset, and promoting experiential learning. It encourages skills such as critical thinking and risk taking. 

Books teach us several things, but as we witness from the experiences of these bright young minds, there are so many lessons that come from doing things, rather than simply reading about them. 

Course Correction

Unlike what we learn in theories, real life experiences are rarely linear. The classic model of coming up with a business idea, producing the offering, marketing and delivering it to customers does not exist in practice. Instead, the ability to iterate, change course, go back to the drawing board to find new solutions is what matters. 

For example, take Yash, Jasmine, Aakash and Rishabh, who started ‘Ink Family Creations’. Their idea was to offer customized products such as T-shirts, mugs, etc. to customers. When the team struggled to find vendors and customers due to the COVID-induced lockdowns, they began to leverage social media and digital payment instruments to make their operations hassle free. 

Being Resourceful

Most times, we don’t have all the resources that we need to execute a project. In such instances, the ability to find alternatives and think beyond the obvious is key. For instance, when Sukh Sagar, Saniya, Amrita Mishra, Ishika Negi of team Mobisite found that they could not afford the equipment that they needed to refurbish old mobile phones, they didn’t just give up.  They worked out an arrangement with an existing mobile repair shop to give wings to their idea. 

Social Consciousness

Businesses cannot operate in a bubble. They need to be in tune with ground realities to create truly sustainable models that are beneficial to all stakeholders and the community at large. For example, Harsh, Nasreen, Mamta Bisth of team Hebi Naturals decided to leverage the growing awareness about sustainability and turn homemade compost into an entrepreneurial venture. Minni and  Divyanshi of team Divine Creations hope to create employment for housewives through their venture, recognising the latent demand for opportunities in this segment. Such learning simply cannot come from books alone.

Employers today increasingly look beyond degrees and academic achievements. They place far greater emphasis on real-world experiences, behavioural traits, and maturity, which comes not from books, but from getting your hands dirty. A program like Business Blasters provides an excellent springboard to achieve this.

If you’d like to know more about how these young entrepreneurs are winning customers and investors over with their ideas, grit, and brilliance, watch Business Blasters, the biggest entrepreneurship development effort in the world.

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