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DivaMiQ sells Indian traditional and folk paintings. We also sell modern art paintings with interesting features. Our services also include wall art.

DivaMiQ makes different traditional and folk art of India. We make modern paintings as well. We also offer customized paintings. Our packaging is eco-friendly, which allows us to run an environment-conscious business. We provide employment opportunities to artists from various states and our paintings are made by these unsung artists.

We started with seed money of ₹2000 and our profit till now is ₹1,50,000. We are currently working on an order worth ₹3,00,000 of painting UV disinfectant machines for a new effort by Hindu College. We also have B2C orders worth ₹20,000 and have completed an order of ₹75,000 of 50 paintings from the Urban Company, which has promised us more orders for corporate gifting. The average cost price is ₹500 and the items can be sold at almost 6x the cost, giving us a good profit margin.

We want to make DivaMiQ a multinational brand and want to contribute to the Indian economy and we won't be limited till there. We currently only make paintings but we will explore DivaMiQ further. We intend to create a community of artists from various backgrounds and states and work with them to expand our customer base. We require an investment of around 5 lakh rupees to scale up our business.

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