Speakersters make affordable and eco-friendly Bluetooth speakers at competitive price, making them accessible for all.

Speakersters produces bluetooth speakers at affordable prices. Our speakers are eco-friendly as we use wooden cases instead of plastic cases. Our speaker is powered with a 4200 MaH battery. Once fully charged, the speaker can be used to play music for about 12 hours. Speakersters provides a complete system which is the need of every customer. Our speaker is equipped with a mic and allows a large bluetooth connectivity range. It also comes with a warranty of 6 months.

We started with the seed capital of ₹5,000 and used to make a profit of ₹50 per speaker. Our total profit has been ₹11000. Around 80 customers have purchased the speakers till date. Our speaker is attractive because it is very affordable and useful specially for young students who cannot afford expensive speakers. We are also working on 1000 orders of our second version of speakers for Snapdeal.

We are working on newer versions of our speaker at ₹399 and ₹499. We want to polish the look of our speaker, and promote it even more. We intend to focus on research and development to increase the quality of the speaker. We also want to make bigger speakers of 20 watt and 40 watt, and also smaller dual speakers. We are researching how to replace power supply of AC into rechargeable batteries in home theaters.

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Prakash Gupta

Prakash Gupta

Prakash Gupta

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