Jute Craft


Jute gives the power to empower! We make handwoven jute products ranging from bags to storage boxes.

Our business, Women's Skill, creates eco-friendly jute products. Each product is handwoven by us, following which we connect with local communities to promote the use of jute products. Till now, 8 families have appreciated our work and placed orders. To amplify our presence, we are also connecting with local shopkeepers and promoting our products on WhatsApp.

Women's Skill has made a profit of ₹3000 from the seed money of ₹6000. We have a diverse range of products, and the average cost of each is ₹300.

To expand our business, we have created a 6-month growth plan. This would require an investment of ₹1,00,000. We plan to use ₹42,000 on sourcing raw materials, ₹54,000 on the total salaries of three artisans whom we will hire and train to create our products and ₹4,000 for miscellaneous expenses. We also plan to engage in digital marketing to increase our sales.

Team Members


Team Coach

Manpreet Sachdev

Suvodeep Ray

Khera Kalan-SKV (Baba Nane Nath)

Not Available