Fell Light


We offer reusable sanitary pads and washable period underwear which are leakage-proof products made of bamboo fibre, microfibre and banana fibre.

Our outreach programme focused on 10 customers in the pilot phase. The products were purchased to overcome problems related to white discharge, urine leakage and comfort. We received positive feedback from the customers regarding the sustainability and quality of the products as unlike conventional disposable menstrual products, our products are made of environmental-friendly material. Our strategy is to use social media and youtube videos for reaching out to our customers.

The total seed money received till now is Rs. 12,000. The production cost of 1 unit is Rs. 250/-. We have finalised the selling price of 1 unit at Rs. 300/-. This way, a profit of Rs. 50/- will be made per sale of 1 unit which gives us a relatively good profit margin.

To increase our business, we require funding for the next 6-8 months of operation. The total cost required for that is estimated to be Rs. 1,40,000/-. The breakdown of the estimation is given below: - 2 Sewing Machines with an estimated cost of Rs. 30,000/- each. - Rental Room Space with a total estimated cost of Rs. 35,000/-. - 200 pieces of raw material with a total estimated cost of Rs. 30,000/-. - Packaging, Advertisement and Fair with a total estimated cost of Rs. 15,000/-.

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Niraalee Shah

nikita kadu

Wazirpur, J.J. Colony-SKV

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