Toy treasure


We make piggy banks in the form of soft toys, which will not only pique your child's interest, but will also teach them valuable lessons and skills along the way.

We make soft toys because now a days, toys in room decoration and as a gifts look very attractive. We have a unique idea in this business in which we make an attractive piggy bank . We make soft toys like teddy, panda etc. sizes of our toys are from 0.5 to 3 feet. We got Seed money of Rs. 2,000 per student. We have online as well as off line mode of business. We have account on different social networking sites & receive orders from them as well.

We used exact our Rs. 12,000 seed money and were able to generate Rs. 18,000 as our revenue and a profit of Rs. 6,000. And we get 100 to 200 Rs. profit per toy, since we are able to make a single unit in Rs. 100 and sell it at three or four times the cost.

We want to expand our business and rent a warehouse and factory to produce our products in bulk. We want to improve our brand and add in more products to our catalogue. We need 5 lakhs to continue our business.

Team Members


Team Coach

Rajat soni

Major Meenakshi

Saraswati Vihar, Block A-GGSSS