Poshak - Ek Pavitra Soch. We manufacture and sell readymade clothes for deities/statues of our gods.

We have sold our products to shopkeepers, temples, and households. Some of our teachers have also brought it with us. We received positive feedback from our customers on quality and design.

We have started our business with seed money of Rs 6000. Three-meter cloth costs us Rs. 100, from which we make 5 pieces. The price of each piece is Rs. 20.

In order to increase our production, we need an investment of Rs 90,000. We will use this money to buy more sewing machines. We also need to hire more women tailors to whom we would pay monthly salaries. We also require support and investment to enable us to sell our products online.

Team Members


Team Coach

Anisha Agarwal

Nithari Village- GGSSS

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