We produce handmade soaps which are chemical and paraben free. Our varities include charcoal, alovera, goat milk, homey almonds. Our soaps help in reducing skin rashes and pigmentation.

Our product is hand made soap that is for all age groups. Our product is chemical and paraben free, and doesn’t harm the skin or cause any side effects. We are making 5 different kinds of soaps such as charcoal, aloe vera, goat milk, shea butter, and honey almonds. Our natural soap helps cure skin rashes, acne, and pigmentation. Our product also comes in attractive shapes.

We have had a test report of our charcoal soap which proves that our soap is 100% safe and pure. We have sold our product in school, and we also have more than 100 customers through social media. We are able to earn around Rs. 500- Rs. 700 per day from our business. We started with the seed capital of Rs. 12,000/- and in the first phase, we made a profit of Rs. 5,000/-. We sell one unit (10 soaps) for Rs. 400/- while it costs only Rs. 160/- to make.

We intend to scale up our business and create a production space for manufacturing our natural soaps. We will also be purchasing machinery and raw material, and expand our business by advertising on social media. We also intend to hire people who will be able to help us with manufacturing our soaps. Overall, we want an investment of Rs. 3,00,000/-.

Team Members


Team Coach

Aman Raj Gupta

Sahil gohri

Sarvodaya Co-ed Vidyalaya Sec. 8 Rohini