Drive Clean


Economic Filters for a clean future! Our company offers cheap and efficient air filters for vehicles. These air filters are at least twice as cheap as the available alternatives in the market.

We first started by selling our products to garages and local wholesalers, The good quality of our product ensured repeat customers. To increase our sales, we started selling our product online through our website and social media handles like Facebook and Instagram. Through online marketing we were able to sell our product in states like Bihar, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Our product has garnered rave reviews from our customers and we are in the middle of develop

Out of the 8000 we had received as seed money, we invested around 7500 to buy raw materials for our products. Our total sales were of Rs. 22,700 in which we made a profit of Rs. 14,700. Our cost per filter is Rs. 24 and we sell it for Rs 40. The best available alternative to our product is being sold at Rs. 175. Its because of this variation in price and the quality of our products that we have been able to sell filters worth Rs. 70,200 and have made a profit of Rs. 31,200.

One of the biggest challenges our company has faced is that we haven’t been able to cope up with the demand, Therefore, our plan for the next 6-8 months is to buy a special machine which will help us increase our production of filters. We also want to buy a laptop for the company which will help us with our data management. For this we are looking to raise Rs. 3,00,000.

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himanshu jain

West Patel Nagar-GBSSS