RoAutoX provides security systems, home and industrial automations, and robots and advanced toys. Our solutions are based on IOT, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM and GPS. Our solution helps both the private and public sectors.

RoautoX is a robotics & automation company. We do the research and development in robotics and automation Field. We work on small and smart automation products, small robots, as well as large industrial machines, robots and products. Our first product is SecureX, in which a SIM card can be installed. In case of theft, SecureX gives a loud siren sound, turns on all the lights of your home or shop and send alerts on 5 registered phone numbers via SMS & Calls. Hardware & Software made by RoautoX.

RoautoX started with a seed capital of Rs 4,000 out of which we made our first raw prototype of Rs 3000. All the Model CAD designing, programming, circuit designing and the software & hardware part is made by us. So we can also customize this system according to customer need. We have designed and programmed this system after taking many feedbacks of different potential customers.

We require a total investment of Rs. 3,40,000 which will be used to procure raw materials, research and certifications and branding to build our brand RoautoX and sell our product SecureX. We also intend to research and create more products such as Smart Assistant With Humanoid Face (Humanoid Robot), tech based automatic door lock, Fingerprint enabled universal lock system, Smart switches, Intelligent dustbins which will help keep the environment clean, and other robotic toys.

Team Members


Team Coach

Lalit Bajaj

Amit K. Chib

New Multan Nagar-SV(Co-ed)