High quality portraits and paintings using pencil, charcoal and marketers. The portraits are customized to meet customers' requirements for decoration and gifting. Need help with business connections for framing, delivery, and reaching out to prospective customers.

I make portraits and paintings using pencil, charcoal and markers. The portraits I make are customised as per customers needs. They can be used for gifting and decoration purpose as well.

I got seed money of Rs 2,000 that I used to buy sketch file and kit. The production cost per unit is Rs.300/- which is including the frame (Pencil sketch). I have sold 27 pieces for Rs.11,000 to various customers.

I want raw material for painting like pencils, colours and sheets. I need a contact who can frame the portraits at a lower cost. Other than this, I need help with delivery of finished product. I want to expand my customer base and work on more portraits.

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Team Coach

Riddhima Dwivedi

Kartik Bhage