Glorious Green


We provide 100% organic fertlizers to ensure that you and your plant both are healthy. As more people become aware of side-effects of chemical fertilizers, they switch to organic fertilizers. With over 100% gross profit margins, this is a profitable business. We need investment to scale up our business.

Our project is focussed on providing high quality fertilizers to people who are engaged in gardening activities. The inception of this project was when one of our member’s visited their village and found that chemical fertilizers were being used these were harmful to the health of the people using them as well as that of the plants. The dual approach of our project is on 1. Producing organic fertilizer 2. Generating awareness about the benefits of organic fertilizers

We started this business with a seed funding of Rs16,000 and have invested only Rs 14,000 until now. We've earned a gross profit of Rs. 24,000 with selling the fertiliser at the price of Rs.60/kg Cost of 1kg of our product is Rs 24 and after selling we get a profit of Rs 36/packet.

For ensuring consistent growth, we require an investment of Rs. 1,20,000 for a fixed period of 6-8 months. The following monthly expenditure heads are places we require the investment for: 1. Raw Material: Rs. 2,820 2. Packaging and labelling: Rs.1,000 3. Rent: Rs. 3,000 4. Labour: Rs. 6,000 5. Transportation: Rs. 1,200 6. Marketing: Rs. 3,000 Total: Rs. 17,020 per month We plan to sell 200 kg per month, therefore, for a period of 6 months we require Rs. 102,120

Team Members


Team Coach

Akash Kalra

Rishi Yadav

R. K. Puram, Sec-5(Co-Ed)-GSSS