Rainbow Home Industry


Customized handmade knittted products industry employing women working at home. Our winter-portfolio of wooken knitted products has done very well and we are preparing knitted products for other seasons. We plan to expand this as a cooperative business.

We at Rainbow Home Industry create customized handmade knitted products for all season. We have sold over 30 products and received positive feedback from our customers on the quality and design of our products. Our business aim is not just create self employment opportunities but to also preserve Indian arts and crafts.

We received a total seed money ₹8000 from which we generated a total revenue of ₹15000 revenue which was re-invested again.

We aim to expand our business to pan-India market in a three phased manner. First we want to tap into Delhi-NCR market, then north India before expanding in west India. For the same we need an investment of INR 2 lac rupees for bearing cost of production and delivery management.

Team Members


Team Coach

Sheilza Bhatia

Palam Enclave, No.1-SKV