Fit n' Vibez


We provide fitness classes for women and children in a rented place with required equipment. With definite improvements in their overall well being, our customers have provided positive feedback. We plan to expand with a spacious place and better promotions & marketing.

We provide in-person fitness classes for women and children. We have rented a place which has the required fitness equipment. We have received good feedback from our customers, who are all happy to see improvements in their overall well being. We reach our customers through e-posters, banners, pamphlets and social media.

Using the Rs. 10,000 seed money, we rented a room and got fitness equipment, a mirror, a speaker, etc. We have a total of 21 customers (12 women and 9 children) who attend our classes. Our profit till date is Rs. 10,000

In order to expand our business, we need a better, more spacious room from which we can provide our fitness classes. Our current space for training is insufficient, but we want to expand this area to be able to gather more women and inspire them. We also plan to place a greater focus on promotions and marketing.

Team Members


Team Coach

Harvinder Singh

Gaurav Rajput

Najafgarh Stadium-GGSSS
We will create after it second phase