Fine touch Art


Hobby turned into business, as the sketches drawn out of boredom found places on customers' walls. Quality portraits at competitive prices. Very rewarding to see the glint in our customers' eyes and listen to their positive feedback. A profit of ?2.4 lakhs projected for the next 8 months.

Aims to reignite people's love for art and imagination in this increasingly online world wherein everybody's so out of touch with each other and would rather admire through a virtual screen. I could see the glint in the eyes of the people who bought my art and the positive feedback really worked wonders. I also realize that my pricing was very competitive keeping in the light the quality of the potraits and art pieces, which really inspired me to scale this up further.

I got a seed money of Rs. 2000, and earned a total of 9000. No. of Units :- 400 Units Total Expenditure = Rs.3,40,000 Total Sale Price = Rs.5,80,000 Total Profit = ₹5,80,000-3,40,000= ₹2,40,000

Total expenses per piece : ≈ ₹1200-1700 Break-up 1) on raw materials : ≈ ₹100 - 300 2) time and labour : ₹700 3) Framing : ≈ ₹400-700 Total cost per piece : ₹1250 Total production of pieces in one month : ≈ 50 Total expenses on 20 products for one month 50 x 1450= 72500 Total sale amount for 50 picese in one month: ₹72,500 Pet unit price 72500 ÷ 50= ≈ ₹1450 Total profit : ₹72500 - ₹42500= ≈ ₹30,000 Projection for next 8 months Total production of pieces 50 x 8 = 400

Team Members


Team Coach


Arnav Puri

Pushp Vihar, M.B.Road-GGSSS