LED bulbs and WiFi-enabled Master Lighting Automation to switch on/off or reduce brightness thus reducing energy consumption of our customers - housing societies, schools and offices. There is tremendous interst in this concept. First year target is 120 master lights & gross profit of ? 7 lakhs.

We are a team of 7 members. We make LED bulbs from scratch and our next product is master light automation. Our aim is to reduce the energy consumption and electricity bill of our customers - housing societies, schools and offices. Our new improvised product, the master light controller works on the principle of time and accessibility controlling. As needed, the bulb could be switched off, switched on or even reduced in half the intensity. It works on wifi control.

Out of the total seed money received of 14000 INR, we made an initial expense of 10500 INR and the total income received so far is 12500 INR. This stands after having sold 50 items out of the 70 created. We have made R&D investment of 16000 INR in creating master light controller. The cost of one unit is 4000 INR and we will sell it at 10000 INR. Seed money received - 14000 INR Initial Expense - 10500 INR Total items sold so far - 50 Total Income - 12500 INR

With regards to growth plan, we have three broad goals for the next one year - 1. Start the sale of the master light controller. 2. Sell a minimum of 120 master lights and make a profit of over 7 lakhs. 3. Increase investment in research and development for master light. 4. Convert all 250 street lights in Delhi into energy saving lights.

Team Members


Team Coach

Vinay Chaddha

Manmeet Kaur

Chattarpur, Acharya Tulsi SBV